About Our Dilling Service

Water Equipment and Service Ltd has partnered with leading qualified borehole drilling companies in Kenya, specialised on boreholes hydrogeological surveys and drillings to provide a one stop shop for our clients at very competitive prices. Having specialized in borehole installation, test pumping services and solar/electric borehole equipping, we offer excellent services to our clients on water for various water needs such as Agricultural, Drinking, Industrial, Commercial, Construction and Municipal applications.

Our Services

Pleliminary Works

Preliminary works are statutory requirements that one has to complete before drilling works can commence

Borehole Drilling

The drilling is carried out by using the “Down-The-Hole” (DTH) technology.

Well Development

Once the screen, pack, seals and backfill have been installed, the well is developed.

Pump Testing & Installation

Pump Testing- Once the borehole has been drilled, it may require a pump test.

Why Choose Us.

Water Equipment and Systems Ltd is dedicated to meeting all our clients water needs with our excellent and modern water solutions. With a team of highly-skilled engineers and professional technicians, we are well-equipped to handle both small and large jobs, and have a professional crew that gives its best so you can have safe, clean water. We consistently strive to surpass customer expectations through our savvy, and provided lasting solutions to address water shortage problems in Kenya.

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