Wilo-FireSet UL FM

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For flexible design of fire-extinguishing systems

With its certified, modular components, the NFPA-compliant fire-extinguishing system Wilo-FireSet UL FM enables maximum flexibility for your design. The robust, reliable pumps with axially split housings can be used in a wide field of application. Their compact design on a universal baseplate also facilitates transport, installation and maintenance. The system equipped with a control unit allows for a configuration that is tailored to your requirements thanks to its modularity.


Your advantages

>       Certified, modular pump set according to NFPA standards for the highest level of design flexibility

>       Robust pumps with axially split housing up to 2500 gpm and 260 psi for a wide field of application and long service life

>       Compact design on a universal baseplate for easy transport, installation and maintenance

>       Power reserve for a high level of safety

>       Modularity enables a configuration tailored to individual requirements

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Pressure-boosting pump system for firefighting according to NPFA standards and with UL and FM certifications.

Consists of 1 pump, depending on the model, with a horizontal baseplate – pump with split housing – with spacer coupling, electric or diesel motor and a switchgear.



Fully automatic water supply for fire-extinguishing systems with sprinklers in domestic, commercial and public buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, office blocks and industrial buildings.



>       1 pump with a horizontal baseplate – pump with split housing – with an electric or diesel motor.

>       Flexible bolt coupling for the electric motor or universal joint for the diesel motor.

>       1 switchgear fixed to a robust support structure. Model E for the electric motor and D for the diesel motor, both with a WiZiTouch controller by Tornatech.

>       1 pressure transducer on the switchgear for automatic starting.

>       Solid base frame with a special profile and hook

>       Standard-equipped with an air vent valve und pressure gauge installed directly on the main pump housing


>       Only for the model with a diesel motor:

>       Motor cooling with water/water-heat exchanger.

>       Fuel tank with level sensor and sufficient volume for 8 hours’ operational autonomy.

>       2 or 4 batteries on the baseplate and battery charging device in the switchgear.


>       Accessories on request:

>       Jockey pump

>       Jockey pump controller

>       Flow meter

>       Eccentric cone kit on the suction side

>       Concentric cone kit on the discharge side

>       Vibration damping sleeve for piping

>       Density meter for the battery

>       Spare parts kit for the diesel motor

>       Silencer (30 dBA) for the diesel motor

>       Pressure relief valve

>       Circulation and relief valve




Wilo-FireSet-UL FM-125/360-300/137 D


Compact pressure-boosting pump system for firefighting


According to the NFPA standard and with UL/FM-certified components


Type of main pump


Nominal impeller diameter of the main pump


Diesel motor power [kW]




One electric pump


A diesel pump


Technical data

Permitted fluid:

>       Non-aggressive, clean water



>       Power supply 3~400 V, 50 Hz (1~230 V, 50 Hz for the switchgear for the diesel pump)

>       Max. fluid temperature +30 °C

>       Max. ambient temperature +5 °C to +25 °C (+10 °C to +25 °C, if a diesel pump is installed)

>       Maximum operating pressure: 200 – 355 psi/16 – 25 bar, depending on the version

>       Maximum height for the installation: Diesel: 91 m – electrical: 300 m

>       Flow from 500 to 2500 gpm (113 to 568 m3/H)

>       Maximum delivery head 260 psi (179 m)


Pumps with bronze impellers:

>       Main/standby pump with a horizontally split housing, NFPA20-compliant and UL/FM-certified


Electric motor:

>       IEC34 UL standard motors

>       Maximum power: 200 kW

>       2980 or 1480 rpm

>       Protection class: IP55


Diesel motor:

>       Direct injection or charged diesel motor with water cooling

>       Maximum power: 224 kW

>       Forced lubrication with gear pump and oil filter

>       Heat resistance

>       Cooling with water/water-heat exchanger according to NFPA20



>       Nominal connection diameters on the pressure side DN 100 to DN 250

>       Nominal connection diameters on the suction side DN 80 to DN 200

>       Protection class for the switchgear: IP54



For the pump with a horizontally split housing:

>       Impellers made of bronze casting (G-CuSn10)

>       Pump housing made of grey cast iron (GG 30)

>       Shaft made of AISI 410 stainless steel

>       Shaft sleeve made of AISI 410 stainless steel

>       Wear rings made of bronze


For the jockey pump:

>       Impellers made of AISI 304/1.4301 stainless steel

>       Pump housing made of grey cast iron EN-GJL-250

>       Shaft made of AISI 304/1.4301 stainless steel

>       O-ring seals made of EPDM



>       Base frame: Produced from galvanised steel profiles with brackets for the switchgear. Hooks for lifting straps are integrated on the lower part. Special baseplate for the pump driven by the diesel motor, designed to intake large quantities of concrete, significantly reducing vibration transfer and increasing the product’s reliability and service life.

>       Pumps: 1 pump with horizontal baseplate with an electric or diesel motor. Pump with split housing for easy access to the inner pump components without having to dismantle the motor or piping

>       Tank: Fuel tank made from epoxy painted steel with a strong support structure. Fully equipped with a fuel gauge, drain plugs and air vent valves.

>       Sensors and display: The pressure transducer is located on the switchgear and activates the pump start via the controller. The pressure gauge on the suction and pressure side (ø 63 mm) is located on the pump’s split housing.

>       Control device/controller: The pump kit is standard-equipped with a switchgear by Tornatech and a WiZiTouch controller for the electric or diesel motor.


Delivery state

>       Factory-set mounted fire pump system (consisting of a pump, drive, coupling, base frame and switchgear), as a ready-for-connection pressure-boosting pump, its function and impermeability having been checked

>       Automatic air vent valve

>       Pressure gauge on the suction side and on the pressure side

>       Installation and operating instructions for the fire pump system

>       Installation and operating instructions for the pumps

>       Installation and operating instructions for the switchgear (1 handbook per switchgear)

>       Optional accessories