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Your advantages

>       Sturdy system with one Helix FIRST V or MVI stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump, in accordance with DIN 1988 and DIN 14462

>       Absolute operational reliability

>       Easy adjustment and operational reliability due to the FLA control unit

>       Pre-set throttle valve on the pressure side of the pump to protect the pump at low volume flows


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Pressure-boosting system for fire extinguishing systems with indirect connection in accordance with DIN 14462.

With a vertical stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump in glanded version



Fully automatic water supply for fire extinguishing systems with wall hydrants of the type "F" in domestic, commercial and public buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and also offices and industrial buildings



>       A pump of the Helix FIRST V 16, 22, 36, 52 or MVI 70 series, equipped with IE2 motor

>       Automatic pump control via FLA control unit

>       Components that come in contact with the fluid are corrosion-resistant

>       Base frame made of galvanised steel, with height-adjustable vibration absorbers for insulation against structure-borne noise

>       Pipework made of 1.4301 stainless steel

>       Gear-operated ball valve or annular shut-off valve on the suction and pressure side of the pump

>       Non-return valve, pressure side

>       Throttle valve made of stainless steel 1.4571 on the suction side of the pump

>       Pressure switch, on the pressure side

>       Pressure gauge, on the pressure side

>       Diaphragm pressure vessel 8 l, PN 16, on the pressure side

>       Accessories: Atmospherically ventilated break tank in accordance with DIN 14462 with free exhaust in accordance with EN 13077, type AB in accordance with DIN EN 1717




Wilo- FLA – 1 Helix V 2204 PN10


Fire extinguishing system


Number of pumps

Helix V

Pump series


Rated volume flow [m3/h]


Number of pump stages


Pressure control up to 10 bar (pump type-dependent)


Technical data

>       Mains connection 3~400 V, 50 Hz

>       Max. fluid temperature 50 °C

>       Operating pressure 10 or 16 bar

>       Inlet pressure from break tank < 1 bar

>       Nominal connection diameter on pressure side R 2" - DN 125

>       Nominal connection diameter on suction side Rp 2"- DN 125

>       Operating unit protection class IP 54



>       Impellers, diffusers, stage housing made of stainless steel 1.4307

>       Pump housing made of EN-GJL-250, cataphoretically coated

>       Shaft of stainless steel 1.4057

>       1.4404 shaft protection sleeve

>       O-Ring gaskets made of EPDM (FKM gasket on request)

>       Pipework made of 1.4301 stainless steel



>       Base frame: made of electrolytically galvanised steel and provided with height-adjustable vibration absorbers for comprehensive insulation against structure-borne noise; other versions on request

>       Pipework: complete pipework made of stainless steel 1.4301, suitable for the connection of all conventional piping materials; the pipework is dimensioned according to the overall hydraulic performance of the FLA pressure boosting system

>       Pumps: Helix FIRST V 16, 22, 36, 52 and MVI 70 series pump; all pump components in contact with fluid are made of stainless steel/EN-GJL-250, with cataphoretic coating. For more information about the pump, please refer to the catalogue section "High-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps"

>       Valves: For each pump, the non-return valve has a 1.4571 needle-type throttle for returning the bypass volume flow to the break tank. All throttle valves and shut-off devices are sealed and protected against unauthorised adjustment. The pump is equipped with an automatic air vent valve on the top of the hydraulics.

>       Diaphragm pressure vessel: 8 l/PN 16 arranged on the discharge side. For testing and inspection purposes, equipped with a special throughflow fitting that enables the diaphragm pressure vessel to be shut-off and drained

>       Pressure switch: A pressure switch arranged on the discharge side, for activation of the central FLA controller

>       Pressure indication: Pressure gauge (ø 63 mm) on the discharge side; additional digital display of operating pressure and setting parameters in the FLA controller

>       Control device/controller: The system is equipped with a specific FLA controller as standard


Delivery state

>       Factory-mounted, connection-ready pressure boosting system checked for functionality and impermeability

>       Packaging

>       Installation and operating instructions